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  • New Year, New Changes

    New Year, New Changes

    2013 was a year full of changes. […]

    And with all the changes going on with and around me, I come back to this blog. My lonely blog, which has been so neglected, two years worth of posts show up in a listing of my ten most recent ones.

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  • Hyper Light Drifter

    Hyper Light Drifter

    While backing a famous game designer such as Keiji Inafune and his Mighty No. 9 project is exciting to be a part of, what’s more amazing is backing unknown indie developers when they create something even more special. Take a look at Hyper Light Drifter: Woah. This is what I like to see from the… Read more »

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  • Mighty No. 9

    Mighty No. 9 by Keiji Inafune

    Almost 3 years after leaving Capcom, Keiji Inafune has returned to the gaming spotlight. His company, comcept, Inc., has started a Kickstarter for a new gaming franchise. And the subject looks very familiar. In Mighty No. 9, you play as Beck, a blue robot designed to jump, shoot, and transform while taking the powers of… Read more »

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  • In Defense of Designers Dismay

    In Defense of Designers Dismay

    Many designers dislike the new iOS 7 UI changes. Considering who they are, what they do and who they look up to, give them a break.

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  • A New Chapter

    A New Chapter: Why I’m Ending My Freelancing

    Ending one chapter and beginning another; Where do I begin?

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  • Vine by Twitter

    Vine, Twitter’s 6-Second Storytelling App

    To those following tech and social media news online, Vine is not a new app. However, many people have still yet to discover the fun that is creating a quick, on-the-fly video to share online.

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  • Vote | Cliffpro

    Why I Cast My Vote For Gary Johnson

    Or, why you shouldn’t care who other people vote for and make the choice for yourself. Be proud and use your right to vote.

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  • No Books For You

    Amazon DRM: Doesn’t Really Matter

    Digital Rights Management’s flaws can be summed up with Amazon locking customers out of their digital libraries, permanently.

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  • No Nintendo Power here…

    The Decline of Print Publications

    After reading about the end of Newsweek’s print publication, I comment on the industry’s shift from print to digital and reflect on its past.

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  • The Big QR Code

    The Big QR Code

    QR codes are a growing trend in marketing and promotions, but after seeing many used at The Big E, they’re becoming an epidemic.

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  • iOS 6 on iPhone 4

    iOS 6 on iPhone 4

    iOS 6 has arrived for iPhone 4S, iPod touch, and the new iPad. While these devices get the best upgrade, iPhone 4 users still get some great features.

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  • GameStop_vs_NCsoft

    Customer Service Advice: Apologize, Inform, and Take Action

    Three simple actions you can take to win your customers forever, and a story of how GameStop won me over with their customer service.

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  • Google Chrome for iOS

    Google Chrome for iOS

    Just released yesterday (finally) is Google Chrome for iOS, the highly anticipated Apple version of Google’s flagship web browser. While Safari has been a fine browser for mobile usage, I know I’ve been waiting for a bonafide Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad.

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  • ms_surface_tn

    Microsoft Surface Differences

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, Windows lovers and haters are all wondering about the specific details of the new Microsoft Surface line of tablets—or slates, if you read into MS documentation—coming out later this year. Most of the hardware specs are a mystery (not to mention the pricing). However, some may… Read more »

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  • DinoDrac Launches!

    Client Spotlight: Dinosaur Dracula

    When doing business, we always look forward to fun clients and jobs: The ones we enjoy building out, chatting with clients on, and look forward to their releasing into the world. For the past two months, I have been working with Matt Caracappa of X-Entertainment to build out his latest creation, Dinosaur Dracula, which officially went live today!

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  • How To Get Paid By Your Clients

    How To Get Paid By Your Clients

    Let me set the tone for this post right away: A great way of looking unprofessional is to complain about your clients publicly.

    Now, that being said…

    We’ve all been there before; We get hired to do a freelance job, we complete the project, and the client either refuses to pay or disappears when it’s time for payment. This is especially true when we’re just starting out. There are many reasons for this, and each are unique to the clients and the job.

    However, there is one enormous elephant in the room here. The reason freelancers get stiffed is not because they had a bad client. It’s because they screwed up.

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  • CISPA-We-Are-Watching-You

    CISPA Will Bring The End to Online Privacy

    CISPA will be watching you…

    The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (H.R. 3523), also known as CISPA, is the new threat to online freedoms. Like with SOPA and PIPA, the Internet will rally together to voice their concerns, speak their minds, and try to convince law makers this is a terrible idea.

    However, I have a bad feeling about this particular bill.

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  • point-and-laugh

    Be Funny, But Don’t Insult Your Customers

    The quickest way to lose your customers is to insult them.

    It sounds like a very obvious lesson and a fairly easy thing to avoid doing. However, some people and companies can lose sight of what they’re doing and inadvertently send the wrong message to their customers.

    And this is especially true if you’re trying to be funny.

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  • resolutionary_the_new_ipad

    “No More Thing” for the New iPad: Has Apple Lost Its Surprise?

    The new iPad’s name was the only surprise today. Apple’s latest trend with keynote announcements: not including “One more thing.”

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  • mystery-werewolf-header

    Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf

    Quick review for an iOS platformer game by an indie developer which feels like Metroid or Castlevania, incl. 16-bit graphics and sound.

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  • itunes_match_faqs_how_tos

    iTunes Match: Pre-Signup Questions

    Do you have a question about iTunes Match before joining? I give answers to the questions I get asked most about Apple’s music service.

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  • Blocked Image

    How To Quickly Blackout Your Site in Protest of SOPA & PIPA

    Jan 18, 2012: The day the Internet will blackout sites in protest of SOPA and Protect-IP (PIPA). Use my custom code to block your site too!

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  • Cliffpro on a nook Tablet

    Responsive Web Design: Remember Mobile Visitors

    Are you losing visitors because they can’t see your site on their mobile devices? Here’s how responsive web design can save you.

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  • Why Your Freelance Price Is Right

    I posted my freelance pricing publicly. You should too.

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  • dont-tell-facebook

    Don’t Tell Facebook

    I became engaged last week. However, we waited a day to tell everyone. Why? Because of Facebook.

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  • siri-ous-logo

    Why Apple’s “Siri-ous” About No iPhone 5

    Apple didn’t announce iPhone 5 today. Here’s why…

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  • just-be-yourself

    Just Be Yourself

    Too many people try too hard to be like someone else.
    Read this carefully: You will never be like them.

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  • itunes-match-making

    iTunes Match-Making

    Being a part of the iOS Developer Program, I was given early access to try out Apple’s new cloud-based music offering. These are my first impressions.

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  • no-design

    Thanks, But We Prefer Other Design(er)s

    Want to do a logo contest? Open it up to K-12 and/or college students and give a small prize. … Otherwise, call it what it is: spec work.

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  • Are You A Gopher?

    You have no longer kept your role as a professional. The client gives a request, and you just “go for” it. You are now a “gopher.”

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  • natural-scrolling

    Yes, I Use Natural Scrolling

    I use natural scrolling in OS X Lion. You should give it a try too before writing it off.

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  • Ad Horrors, Now Via HTML5!

    Google announces “Swiffy” for Flash to HTML5 conversions. Soon, our ads will be appearing commercially as HTML5/CSS3. This scares me.

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  • rdio-large

    Turning On The Rdio

    Stream your music collection to your web browser or mobile device, and even sync tracks/albums to your mobile device for offline listening.

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  • blackberry-logo

    Want Better Accessibility? Design Your Site For A Blackberry

    Because older Blackberry browsers don’t support many modern features, they are a great tool for designing for accessibility.

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  • jousting

    Crowdsource Jousting

    Don’t be concerned with crowdsourcing companies like 99designs. Clients will get what they pay for, and those who want quality will avoid.

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  • css3lg

    CSS3 Little Guys

    I made a cartoon in Flash, then exported scenes out as CSS3 animations using Adobe Wallaby. See the results.

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  • fear-iphoning-vegas

    Fear and iPhoning in Las Vegas

    I looked into my iPhone’s location tracking data and found entries for Las Vegas, even though I’ve never been there.

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  • The Proverbial, “Hello World!” Note

    This is the first note. Whether this is your first time to the site, or you’re simply bored and going through my archived notes, I welcome you.  Now, go forth and read on through my ramblings insights.

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