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Hey-o, it’s Cliffpro!

I’m Cliff Huizenga — web designer, front-end developer and retro gamer. I design, produce, and create interactive experiences for the web, video, and print.

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  • Eight Months Later

    September 1st, 2014 / Thoughts / One Comment

    Well, this year has pretty much flown by. And, based on my last post, I really haven’t kept up with my promises to myself for scheduling of posts. But, life changes. Instead of trying to focus on creating for myself, I spent most of the year helping others working on their creations. A reminder that I… Read more »

  • New Year, New Changes

    New Year, New Changes

    January 3rd, 2014 / Announcements, Thoughts / 2 Comments

    2013 was a year full of changes. […]

    And with all the changes going on with and around me, I come back to this blog. My lonely blog, which has been so neglected, two years worth of posts show up in a listing of my ten most recent ones.

  • Hyper Light Drifter

    Hyper Light Drifter

    September 20th, 2013 / Announcements, Gaming / No Comments

    While backing a famous game designer such as Keiji Inafune and his Mighty No. 9 project is exciting to be a part of, what’s more amazing is backing unknown indie developers when they create something even more special. Take a look at Hyper Light Drifter: Woah. This is what I like to see from the… Read more »

  • Mighty No. 9

    Mighty No. 9 by Keiji Inafune

    September 4th, 2013 / Announcements, Gaming / One Comment

    Almost 3 years after leaving Capcom, Keiji Inafune has returned to the gaming spotlight. His company, comcept, Inc., has started a Kickstarter for a new gaming franchise. And the subject looks very familiar. In Mighty No. 9, you play as Beck, a blue robot designed to jump, shoot, and transform while taking the powers of… Read more »

  • In Defense of Designers Dismay

    In Defense of Designers Dismay

    June 12th, 2013 / Announcements, design, technology, Thoughts / 2 Comments

    Many designers dislike the new iOS 7 UI changes. Considering who they are, what they do and who they look up to, give them a break.